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20 Craziest Marc, Steven And Jake Lockley Memes



marc steven jake


Moon Knight sequence ended with a blast final week and we’re so glad about the whole lot that was purported to occur within the present. At the tip, we even noticed Marc’s different character, Jake Lockley. Check out the funniest and craziest Marc, Steven and Jake Lockley memes:

  1. 1. LOL!
  2. 279627419 1501670830234695 6948509577205384919 n
  3. 2. Of Course!
  4. 279727875 10220679136280707 8357543266087549466 n 1
  5. 3. Haha!
  6. 279799131 1418632635274258 6624605476863117329 n 1
  7. 4. If You Should Have, You Could Have!
  8. 5. Damn !!
  9. 279885685 135680155711564 2289785169796597131 n 1
  10. 6. That Toe Damage!
  11. 279917651 10118664856923980 3466916728319019548 n
  12. 7. Haha!
  13. 279976507 2742082402753246 3747459834334321279 n
  14. 8. Don't Care!
  15. 280066655 5575224109171947 5029226342634105765 n
  16. 9. Pew Pew !!
  17. 280117299 2583822355086062 7531050060104278358 n 1
  18. 10. Oh Khonshu!
  19. 11. Perfect Depiction!
  20. 280160555 122439333757427 4970231601776357467 n
  21. 12. Seriously !!
  22. (*20*)
  23. 13. Hehe!
  24. 280230675 5151459171556662 1546056597263722563 n
  25. 14. What A Loser!
  26. 280235762 1420732838397571 3168031771080340120 n
  27. 15. Oh No!
  28. 280331890 5509585005727431 6556695278746723213 n
  29. 16. Emotional Damage!
  30. 280344841 5504756586210273 4864191351374705688 n 1
  31. 17. What Just Happened!
  32. 280348161 979517236084021 7624915127572012670 n 1
  33. 18. Drawing The Line!
  34. 280373231 10216731113188435 8592714291101518314 n
  35. 19. Exactly!
  36. 280516733 10228388227748201 4727117204352338740 n
  37. 20. So True !!
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1. LOL!

279627419 1501670830234695 6948509577205384919 n

2. Of Course!

279727875 10220679136280707 8357543266087549466 n 1

3. Haha!

279799131 1418632635274258 6624605476863117329 n 1

4. If You Should Have, You Could Have!

279864033 5210391615745703 1104877247586692625 n

5. Damn !!

279885685 135680155711564 2289785169796597131 n 1

6. That Toe Damage!

279917651 10118664856923980 3466916728319019548 n

7. Haha!

279976507 2742082402753246 3747459834334321279 n

8. Don’t Care!

280066655 5575224109171947 5029226342634105765 n

9. Pew Pew !!

280117299 2583822355086062 7531050060104278358 n 1

10. Oh Khonshu!

280117887 10216723686362769 852251398706948658 n 1

11. Perfect Depiction!

280160555 122439333757427 4970231601776357467 n

12. Seriously !!


13. Hehe!

280230675 5151459171556662 1546056597263722563 n

14. What A Loser!

280235762 1420732838397571 3168031771080340120 n

15. Oh No!

280331890 5509585005727431 6556695278746723213 n

16. Emotional Damage!

280344841 5504756586210273 4864191351374705688 n 1

17. What Just Happened!

280348161 979517236084021 7624915127572012670 n 1

18. Drawing The Line!

280373231 10216731113188435 8592714291101518314 n

19. Exactly!

280516733 10228388227748201 4727117204352338740 n

20. So True !!

280541605 1049017956039340 3482279548512912843 n

Which of the above-shown Marc, Steven and Jake Lockley memes did you take pleasure in essentially the most? Comment down your solutions.


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Hollywood News

10 Best Hideo Kojima Games



pjimage 4 11


After the success of 2019’s Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima is tough at work on his studio’s thrilling subsequent AAA title. The extremely regarded Japanese recreation designer is thought for his unique and creative type. After being with Konami for nearly 30 years and dealing on round 40 video games, they break up and Kojima has established his unbiased recreation studio, Kojima Productions.

Whether it is unorthodox gameplay and mechanics or sprawling narratives, Kojima’s video games do not fail to impress and enthrall avid gamers throughout generations. With old-school titles like Policenauts and epic franchises just like the Metal Gear collection, it is fascinating to see which of Kojima’s video games have obtained the very best reward.

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Snatcher (1988)

Snatcher by Hideo Kojima

Heavily impressed by the movie Blade Runner, Snatcher is a Kojima recreation launched for the PC-88 and MSX2 in 1988. Set in a futuristic world, the sport is about combating towards humanoid robots who’re killing people and taking their place on the earth.

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Fans of Kojima felt that Snatcher was one of many extra polished video games that the auteur has launched by way of narrative. However, there was quite a bit left to be desired when it got here to the menu-based gameplay, in addition to its linear and restrictive story development.


Policenauts (1994)


Kojima’s Policenauts is taken into account probably the most interactive and greatest visible novels in gaming historical past. In the science-fiction title, avid gamers assume the function of Jonathan Ingram, an astronaut caught in cryosleep discovered drifting in area after a horrible accident. The primary story of the sport revolves across the protagonist’s investigation of his ex-wife’s homicide.

Upon its launch, Policenauts was given reward for its voice performing, unique artwork type, and general presentation. But, the sport additionally obtained its fair proportion of criticism about its (s)-(e)-(x)-(u)-(al) humor, restricted skip choices, and sluggish tempo.


P.T. (2014)

Woman at the end of a hallway in the game Silent Hill Playable Teaser

Kojima, alongside celebrated horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, was purported to direct the ninth primary installment within the Silent Hill collection. However, the sport was shortly canceled after Kojima’s exit from Konami in 2015.

Before the sport’s cancelation, followers obtained P.T., or “playable teaser,” which was a brief, interactive sneak peek of the much-awaited Silent Hill title. Despite being a brief teaser, critics and avid gamers totally loved P.T.’s visuals, sound design, and immersive environment — a lot in order that it has been downloaded over one million instances earlier than Konami eliminated it from the PlayStation retailer.


Death Stranding (2019)

Death Stranding Directors Cut PC Leak

Death Stranding is Kojima’s first recreation after departing from Konami. There was lots of hype surrounding the sport, particularly because it additionally concerned Kojima’s earlier collaborator del Toro. Moreover, the sport additionally featured a powerhouse solid that included Norman Reedus, Mad Mikkelsen, and Léa Seydoux, in addition to different shocking movie star cameos.

The recreation was well-received for its soundtrack, expansive world, and distinct idea. Players cherished how Death Stranding provided a significant gaming expertise. Nonetheless, there have been nonetheless loads of unfavourable however honest opinions of the sport that criticized its bloated narrative and drab missions.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (2010)

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Specifically made for the PlayStation Portable, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker follows Big Boss as he takes cost of a mercenary unit in Costa Rica. The primary cause why the sport was first designed for the PlayStation Portable was because of the cooperative multiplayer function that was unique to the hand held console.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker obtained extraordinarily favorable opinions with many reviewers saying that it had a few of the greatest storytelling skills in the entire collection and that it took the perfect bits of its predecessors and made them higher. Having mentioned that, the sport failed to achieve the industrial success of different video games within the franchise because of the waning recognition of the PlayStation Portable.


Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty (2001)

Gamer hiding around the corner in Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons Of Liberty

Kojima’s followers had been anticipating quite a bit from Metal Gear Solid 2 because it was a direct sequel to the unique Metal Gear Solid recreation. Thankfully, it managed to dwell as much as its excessive expectations by that includes detailed graphics and enhancing the stealth gameplay of its predecessors.

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At the time of its launch, critics famous that the sport felt a bit formidable because it explored themes comparable to censorship, synthetic intelligence, historic revisionism, existentialism, and social engineering. That mentioned, pertaining to unique themes and ideas did assist the sport change into extra culturally and socially related greater than a decade after its launch.


Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (2004)

As the prequel to your entire Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear Solid 3 established the origins of Naked Snake, also referred to as Big Boss within the succeeding video games. The recreation is ready 31 years earlier than the primary occasions of the primary Metal Gear title and includes a Soviet jungle setting, which is much from the commercial setting present in newer Metal Gear entries.


Despite the change in setting, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was nonetheless targeted on infiltration and espionage. The recreation has additionally been warmly accepted by followers of the franchise as a result of its strong story, memorable dialogue, and an emotionally-rewarding remaining boss battle.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (2015)

Venom Snake closeup with his robotic arm in MGSV promo art.

The final recreation within the franchise the place Kojima was concerned, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain focuses the story on Punished “Venom” Snake. The recreation is ready 9 years after Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, which was a prologue recreation that adopted Big Boss.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was met with common acclaim upon its launch. Both critics and avid gamers loved the sport’s open-world design, selection in gameplay, solid performances, and enhanced participant freedom. In reality, some critics even mentioned that the extent of voice performing and cinematography within the recreation is on the identical degree as blockbuster motion pictures and high-budget tv reveals.


Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots (2008)

Metal Gear Solid 4 Old Snake David Hayter Remake

An aged Solid Snake seeks to off his nemesis in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots. Fans of the franchise had been greatly surprised by the sixth Metal Gear Solid recreation directed by Kojima because it modified some recreation points they discovered distinctive of video games within the collection. In Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots, the camouflage system, replayable gameplay, and management scheme have been revamped.

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The modifications steered the collection in the appropriate route. Game publications and critics applauded Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots for its dynamic cutscenes, shifting narrative, and revolutionary gameplay.


Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Metal Gear Solid 1998

Nothing beats the unique Metal Gear Solid recreation. Released in 1998, Metal Gear Solid has proven the world the good inside workings of Kojima’s mind. Players assume the function of Solid Snake, a soldier on a mission to thwart a terrorist group’s plan to launch a nuclear strike.

The plot appears ludicrous at first, however the recreation will get extra advanced because the participant progresses. Metal Gear Solid’s cinematic cutscenes, gorgeous graphics, and genre-defying gameplay have cemented it as top-of-the-line video games ever.

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Every Pokémon That’s From Space Or Another Dimension


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srireddy responds on karate kalyani youtuber srikanth reddy issue – finalnews24 News



srireddy19052022 t e34


srireddy19052022 c


The controversy surrounding the Sinnati Karate Kalyani assault on YouTuber Srikanth Reddy continues to be raging. Neither of them is giving interviews to the media and YouTube channels, betting that it’s going to not go down. In this context, many are outraged on the pattern of karate kalyani. She is hoping for a ticket on behalf of 1 social gathering within the upcoming elections. Srireddy has just lately responded to this controversy. Moreover, Kalyani was attacked in a spread.

He stated that he was supporting Srikanth Reddy. Shri Reddy questioned what’s the level of attacking such individuals who have lived by believing in YouTube that many individuals don’t discover alternatives in films. She lamented that the Telugu skills believed in YouTube on account of which Telugu administrators would give alternatives to foreigners and Mumbaiites.

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If such persons are having a tough time, what’s your accountability as a social reformer? In the movie Pushpa, director Sukumar Allu Arjun went to Sukumar and advised him that he had executed an obscene scene with Rashmi. TV anchors are carrying shorts. Srikanth Reddy has made a reputation for himself on YouTube for not having mother and father .. What is the purpose of attacking such folks.

srireddy19052022 1c

You are doing such dramas since you are outdated, Srireddy requested how many individuals beat you up if you confirmed up as Bobby. She stated it might be a loss to the BJP to maintain folks like Karate Kalyani within the social gathering. Shri Reddy commented that the Telangana police are strict and he has religion in them. He stated that he didn’t have the sensation of being Reddy.

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She requested what would occur if the kid in your arms was hit the place you may not contact in the course of the conflict with Srikanth Reddy. Shri Reddy was indignant as to why he had taken the kid with him when he was going to struggle. If you don’t just like the movies made by Srikanth Reddy .. the viewer will click on on Recommend This Channel, she requested why then. Lankini, Dhakini, Shankinile hair might be so courageous .. Srireddy recommended that the sari needs to be worn correctly in the case of TV serials and YouTube channels.

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She stated that there are some limitations in YouTube. Srikanth Reddy questioned whether or not the folks have been watching the movies without understanding the discretion. Shri Reddy complained that the woman had killed her fianc భర్ on the hill. She requested if life is for ladies or boys.


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Hollywood News

Halo Producer Defends Controversial Master Chief Scene



Halo Love scene.v1 e1653005830509


Halo’s govt producer defends the choice to have Master Chief take away way more than his helmet and have intercourse in season 1, episode 8.


This article comprises spoilers for Halo season 1.

Executive producer of Halo, Kiki Wolfkill, defends that controversial scene between Master Chief and Makee in season 1’s penultimate episode. Those behind Paramount+’s Halo have made it abundantly clear that the sequence takes place on the Silver Timeline, which permits them to make use of present online game lore and ignore it every time they deem vital. That stated, Halo has diverged from its beloved IP in a number of methods, starting with the choice to have Master Chief/Spartan John-117 (Pablo Schreiber) take away his helmet in episode 1. After solely a short glimpse of his head throughout the entire video games, the sequence exhibits rather a lot extra of the character—one thing exacerbated by the introduction of an unique character, Makee (Charlie Murphy).

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Makee is, presumably, the one human member of the Covenant and was captured by them as a baby. Similar to Chief’s capabilities with Forerunner artifacts, her capability to work together with the traditional know-how earned Makee the title “Blessed One” amongst the Covenant. Following an exhilarating encounter with the Covenant in Halo episode 5, Makee turns into a prepared prisoner of the UNSC. After bonding over their troubled childhoods and shared future, Halo episode 8, aptly titled “Allegiance,” sees Chief and Makee have intercourse whereas Cortana and Halsey watch. Naturally, this elicited a very sturdy response from followers already thrown by Chief’s face and behind.


Related: Halo Season 1 Ending Explained (In Detail)

In a latest interview with Deadline, govt producer Wolfkill breaks down Halo’s season 1 finale, the already-confirmed second season, and, in fact, episode 8. In explicit, Wolfkill is requested what she thought about the fandom’s response to that love scene, to which she replies, “Tright here was quite a lot of dialog main as much as whether or not to do this or not and it was a troublesome one.” Read the remainder of what she needed to say under:


“I imply, I’ll say that there’s quite a lot of totally different opinions and voices. I’ll say from my perspective, having the viewers getting to know what it means for him to make kind of a human reference to somebody, with Makee, was vital. There’s quite a lot of totally different opinions on how to do this, and in the end, we ended up with that path and I feel quite a lot of us really feel conflicted about it and that’s not a foul factor.”

“I feel in the end what we’ve been in a position to ship on with this season is a Master Chief who’s wholly the soldier, and hero, and chief that he has all the time been and we additionally depart the season with a personality in John who is known as a absolutely outlined character. It’s tremendous fascinating to have the ability to see his journey, and , admittedly some controversy alongside the way in which in getting there.”

“My hope is that we will all kind of rise past that and kind of take a look at the place we find yourself with Chief and with John going into season two. I consider actually strongly that now we have an incredible story to inform with him and we’ll proceed to take action, and typically as we all know with the Silver Timeline that it’ll be totally different than we’ve seen him earlier than. But who he’s as a personality each as Master Chief and as John is wholly the identical.”



It’s value noting that Chief by no means has an express love curiosity within the Halo video games, the place his most vital relationship is the one he has with Halsey’s flashed-cloned A.I., Cortana. It’s simple to see why hardcore followers are aggravated by what’s arguably a shoehorned romance that involves an abrupt finish in Halo’s season 1 finale. The sequence would’ve doubtless benefited from creating Chief and Cortana’s belief—which now dangers feeling contrived—slightly than a two-episode affair that includes a personality audiences see bloodbath troopers in episode 3 after which die in episode 9.


Chief’s ties to Makee as a stereotypical “Chosen One/Blessed One” subvert what franchise followers know of the character. He’s a super-soldier, sure, however what’s most particular about him is his tenacity. Halo is at occasions overly involved with ideas like future/destiny whereas the supply materials merely places Chief in inconceivable and convoluted conditions; he’s valued not due to a connection to some artifact however as a result of he’s the Master Chief. Thankfully, Halo and Schreiber’s astute efficiency does set up this side of Chief and John as wholly the soldier, hero, chief, and it’ll undoubtedly be capitalized upon in season 2. Despite a panned subplot, some controversial moments, and science fiction tropes, Halo season 1 comprises actually satisfying (and nostalgic) motion sequences, an intriguing John/Halsey dynamic, and the inimitable voice of Jen Taylor’s Cortana. Still, it is likely to be clever for Chief to reside as a celibate till the sequence realizes its full potential.


More: Halo Season 2: Everything We Know

Source: Deadline




The Flash Boss Teases Blackest Night DC Storyline Isn’t Over


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